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Permanent Makeup


Permanent Cosmetics by Natural Enhancement

We use a new technique that can enhance the shape and color of your lips or eyes creating a more natural beautiful look - New design, natural, remove the old scaft produce a new, natural beautiful look.


The missing hair in your eyebrows will be naturally filled. Even if you have no brows at all, they can be stroked in with dedicated lines - blended and interwoven.

$300 (include one time touch up)


This work will bring out the shape and color of your eyes. If your lashes are thin, light or your eye look washed out with make-up, the liner will enhance and beautify your eyes.

$300 (include one time touch up)


This work will re-establish and restore a lost lipline. It will enhance and beautify your lips.

$200 (include one time touch up)

Full Lips

This is the best option to restore fade lips which have lost their natural color and definition. If you want fuller lips with a crisp, yet natural edge - this work will define a full color, extend through out your lips, give you a youthful and beautiful face.

$400 (include one time touch up)