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Rejuvenate Skins for Ladies & Gentlemen

Facial Rejuvenation

A classcial deep cleansing facial with soothing botanicals and warming action formulated facial scrub for deep clean. Concentrated herbal extracts helps exfoliate. Natural day mask absorbs excess oil or revitaling mask nourishes to leave skin feeling soft and silky.

60 minutes $55
30 minutes $35

Anti-aging Herbal Deep Peel Facial

Active special herbs nourishes, brightens, smooth, and regenerates to help speed-up the skin's natural cycle of renewal and rejuvenation by exfoliating surface cell that dull the complexion.

60 minutes $70

Teen Herbal Facial

Specialized herbal formula for teens to reactivate damaged/problem skins without harming existing surface cells.

60 minutes $60

Acne Herbal Facial

Deep cleansing, steam, extraction, exfoliation, special extracted herbs with clay mask that absorbs excess oil, draws out impurities from deep within the skin to combat bacteria.

60 minutes $75


This unique non-invasive, nonsurgical approach removes dead skin cells by stimulating the production of new young cells and collagen. It combats signs of aging skin, fine lines, dark pigment spots creating a flawless youthful looking finish.

60 minutes $75

10% off for package

Microdermabrasion Package Available.